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17 ready to use page layouts for SharePoint 2013 on-premise and Office 365 publishing sites.

17 ready to use page layouts for SharePoint 2013 on-premise and Office 365 publishing sites.

Page layouts are ready to use - with web part zones, title, description and content fields. Page layouts are ready for you to upload them to SharePoint Master Page Library, and start adding pages and content to your site.

You can also copy them to SharePoint Designer, or copy them to Visual Studio and deploy as Sandboxed or Farm Solution.

With ResponsivePages, you are ready to add pages and content to your site. ResponsivePages work with all themes. You can use a theme to set colors and fonts, and you can use custom or out-of-box master pages.

ResponsivePages work on SharePoint 2013 on-premise, Office 365 Publishing sites, and also on Office 365 public facing sites. You can access one of the pages shown in video at, see SONJASAPPS website at, and read more about responsive page layouts at

The page uses standard SharePoint "oslo" master page and "oslo-mobile" master page for mobile devices.

Each page layout has meta tag fields that provide metadata about the page. They are visible only for authors in edit mode. Browser title field is used to define the title shown in browser.

Meta tags title, description, and keywords are saved to the page as meta tags.

Each page layout comes with a preview image to make it easier to select the right layout for the page. Page layouts range from a very simple "Full page" layout with one content zone to a page layout with multiple content zones.

ResponsivePages are page layouts that work for everyone, on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop.

Content is centered on the screen with maximum width of 1280px for large screens.

The content is shown 1:1 on mobile devices. On mobile devices, page layouts with three columns are shown as one-column layout pages (see the video).

Columns slide under the columns with page title, description and text fields, so the column with title and description is shown on top of the page.

License: 1 license for all users in your organization.

Browser support: ResponsivePages is tested in all supported browsers, IE10, IE9, IE8, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers.

Hosting: ResponsivePages is made with client-side code, JavaScript and HTML5. The app requires no additional hosting infrastructure. The app runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Updates: All updates are free of charge for customers that purchased the app. You will be able to see notification about app updates on your SharePoint site.

Feedback: Feel free to send feedback on what page layouts you would like to see in future updates. Send your ideas to

Content: The app contains no ads. The app contains only content that is related to the ResponsivePages.