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CS Risk Matrix

Campana & Schott
Reduce your risks. Manage risks in a heat map. Update with drag & drop if the situation changes.

CS Risk Matrix App adds a list and a risk heat map to your SharePoint Online or Project Online site. Manage your risks visually and update them with drag & drop. Use search and filter options like tag clouds to manage your risks efficiently. Communicate directly with the risk owner via Lync integration.

CS Risk Matrix App provides a visual way to manage your risks. They are displayed as cards in a matrix. Columns display the impact, rows represent the probability of a risk. Changing the risk status is as easy as dragging the card from one and dropping it into another field. The underlying SharePoint list entry is updated automatically. The matrix is colored as a heat map. High probable risks with a critical impact are displayed in the red area on the upper right. Risk with a minor impact and a low probability are less risky and show up in the green area on the left bottom.

For identifying a risk, CS Risk Matrix App offers several options. The search bar on top of the board lets you select the desired card. Just type in a text and the cards are filtered accordingly. Tag clouds at the right side of the board provide filter options to combine elements from assignment and category fields. Just click the little icon on the upper right of the board and activate the tag cloud pane. To delete all filters, just close the pane.

Double-click a card to view all details. Add additional information like a description or even attach files to the cards. From the details dialog you have access to the version history of a risk to track all changes.

Your Benefits

- Reduced Risks: Forewarned is forearmed: A danger foreseen is half avoided

- Simple Communication: Heat map defines priority: Work on the top right risks first


- View your risks in a matrix – each risk as a sticky note

- Drag & drop sticky notes to change their probability and/ or impact

- Search for risks within the matrix

- Filter risks with a tag cloud by status, category or risk owner

- View the Lync status of each risk owner


- This app does not support Internet Explorer 8

- The app is fully functional with Windows 7, Windows 8, all versions of Internet Explorer version 9 and above, and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox

Available Languages

- English

- French

- German

- Swedish