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CAS Accounts and Projects

Code A Site, LLC
Simplify Your Process. Create, Manage and Find Document Libraries Quickly.

New Clients usually mean a lot of paperwork! Every time you enter a new Account or Project the CAS Accounts & Projects App streamlines your process by creating the Folders and Documents that are unique to your business. With the CAS Accounts & Projects App search features, your staff can easily find what they are looking for.

By using Accounts and Projects you will insure that your Document Libraries are created with the correct folders, content types and versioning. Your users will be able to easily find Document Libraries through an interactive Data Grid.

  • Automatically create Account & Project Folders and Libraries when a user creates a new Account or Project.
  • Users can easily find Account/Client documents using a searchable Data Grid
  • Bulk Import Accounts & Projects and easily generate hundreds of Document Libraries in one step.

Turn your Document Center into a User Friendly listing of all your Client Accounts!

* May not be compatible with Internet Explorer 8