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A little bit easier and whole lot smarter calendar with events and signup

A corporate event calendar with signup

Event signup and cancelling the signup is just a simple click on the button

It is a SharePoint standard Calendar that enables you to set Contact person for the event, add links and pictures in Event Details, and add a related signup list.

In the latest update, it is also possible to set a limit of signups for each event.

In the latest update:

- customize with your own CSS for new, edit and view list item forms

- new "Tile" view of events in chronological order

- Analytics

Analytics over end-user actions:

- Number of views per hour

- Number of views per user

- Number of clicks per hour

- Number of clicks per user

- Number of clicks for each link (each time end-users clicks on event title or on a link)

Just like with a SharePoint calendar, there is a calendar view of all events, and you can export the event to Outlook and get event Title, Location, Start and End time as an appointment.

You can show current events with date, title, and description. You can also show current events with number of signups and sign up link. Event signup and cancelling the signup is just a simple click on the button. Users don't have to write their name or contact IT department or administration.


Signup lists are stored as lists, where you can sort and filter items, or export the items to Excel sheet.


- Members of "Visitors" group get "Contribute" (write) permissions to the signup lists automatically.

- Only administrators can add sign up lists and see the start page with event and number of signups

- Calendar list with events has a "Calendar Shared With" ribbon button that allows you to set the permissions for managing the events.

Recent updates:

- Limit the number of users per event

- Works on a Team Site

- All authenticated users can sign up for events

- Today's events view

- Events with pictures view

- Add to Outlook

- See users that signed up

- Use custom CSS to design events and icons

License: One-time payment. A license for all users.

Free one-month trial:

Browser support: CalendarEvents is tested in all supported browsers, Edge, IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers.

Hosting: CalendarEvents is made with client-side code, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5. It runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Updates: All updates are free of charge for customers that purchased the add-in.

Feedback: Feel free to send feedback on what new features would you like to see in future updates. Send your ideas to

Languages: CalendarEvents has English as default language. CalendarEvents is translated to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Serbian, Croat, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, and Czech.