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SP Employee OnBoarding

SP Marketplace
Use this app to manage all of your Employee OnBoarding / New Hire tasks

Speed new employee productivity, and drive consistent new hire processes with this app. SP Employee OnBoarding is a SharePoint app that allows you to setup and track tasks for bringing on a new employee into your organization. With the app, you can create standard task templates for new hires, terminations, transfers or any other employee change events. Create a new Onboard item and automatically create a set of related SharePoint tasks from a standard tasks template. For each Onboard, the tasks send notifications to other departments to request needed equipment, office space, a company phone or whatever is standard for new hires.

Tracking employee onboard task status as they progress through the onboarding and new hire process is made easy and can be viewed in real-time by relevant stakeholders with access to the system.

Unlike many AppStore apps which are isolated applications, SP Marketplace apps generate standard SharePoint lists and libraries on your existing site that can be customized using the SharePoint User Interface. You can add columns, views and workflows as needed to the app.

SP Employee OnBoarding app is also offered as part of the Human Resources Module in SP Marketplace’s SP Business Suite of business solutions.