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SPZip Lib

ItsZap Inc.
Utility that allow to download files or folders from SharePoint as a Zip file.

Product Description:

SPZip Library is real-time zip tools for SharePoint Document Library, Picture Library that able to zip and download multiple files, folder or both from SharePoint. SPZip Library is available as additional context menu for files, or ribbon action under ItsZap Inc. ribbon group.

Using SPZip Library, you will be able to download multiple files, folder or both at your selection with ease - as a single ZIP file. It is able to process large files or hundred of files at once. All you need to do is just to open the Document Library, or Picture Library, select the files - folder and click Create Zip File in the new ribbon group.

SPZip Library is using non-blocking technique in order to process multiple requests at the same time in the server. At the same time, our process will provide real-time update of the process.


SPZip Library is available as online apps in Office 365 or SharePoint Online through SharePoint Apps Store. You can also deploy the Enterprise version to on-premise SharePoint 2013 installation at your organization. Contact our Support Team ( for on-premise installation.

Supports, Bug Reports and Feature requests

  • Use contact form in the apps, or
  • Email our support team (

Known issues:

  • Users with IE8 needs to click one-time URL zip file.

App Features:


  • Enable password zip dialog for paid version (no trial)


  • Bahasa Indonesia language support


  • Use site theme for the UI dialog
  • French language support


  • Realtime Zip progress in modal window
  • Create Zip file structure same as source
  • Automatically download Zip file
  • Ability to select multiple files, folder, or combination