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Access Policies sp Manager

CFM Partners, Inc.

Policy Management in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

Access Policies sp Manager helps your organization centralize, organize, and administer policies and procedures using the dynamic features of Microsoft SharePoint, Word, and Outlook.

In today’s environment of increased regulations and close scrutiny of corporate accountability, companies need to have effective policy management programs. Methods of managing policies by means of Email and PDF’s are not only outdated, they are risky.

The Access Policies sp Manager app includes:

• Access to a central portal for the management of all policies and procedures

• Straightforward authoring and editing tools using Microsoft Word

• Easy-to-use database management within Microsoft SharePoint

• Separate document libraries for draft policies, approved policies, and archived policies

• Automated workflows to manage policies throughout the Policy Life Cycle

− Create, Review, Approve, Publish, Archive

• Mapping of policies to originating obligations (for example, a regulation, a law, a contract) and/or related procedures

* The app is designed to work with IE 10 or higher and current versions of Chrome and Firefox. Please contact us if you require additional browser support.

Please visit our support page and read "Before Downloading the App."