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LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player

LMS365 provides a complete LMS solution for Office 365 as well as SharePoint 2013 & 2016 Server.


The LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player enables you to deliver SCORM & AICC Training Packages created in tools such as Office Mix, Articulate®, Adobe® Captivate® as well as many off the shelf training packages available for IT, Health & Safety etc. This add-in can operate as a stand-alone add-in within SharePoint Online or as part of the full suite of LMS365 Add-ins for Office 365.

Available features in this add-in:

  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Compliant
  • AICC Compliant/#LI] [#LI]Excel® Reports on Learners and Training Content usage
  • Detailed User Analytics
  • Central Content Package Storage Area
  • Full translatable
  • SharePoint Alernate Language Supported
  • Set Max Number of Attempts
  • Let learners see how they're doing at any time using the 'My Learning Modules' Add-in Part
  • Control access using Azure Active Directory and SharePoint® security
  • Advanced SCORM Configuration Options
  • Access your data using our ODATA Service

Available in:

  • Danish
  • Dutch (NL)
  • English (US)
  • French (FR)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (PT & BR)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Swedish

Alternatively translate the add-in using your browser and / or import of Excel file.

The LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player is one of a number of add-ins available to enable you to develop your Learning Management System on Office 365® & SharePoint® Online.


The LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player for Office 365® is available as a free, fully featured 30-day trial.

Please visit for more details on how to obtain a license and to request a trial for the full LMS365 experience.

Discounts are available for Education and Charities.

Other LMS 365 Add-ins

  • Course Creator & Catalog*

  • My Learning Module Builder
  • Assignments & Gradebook

  • Administration & Excel Reporting

The LMS365 Course Creator enables you to quickly and easily create Course Sites with SCORM training content preloaded from the SCORM library.

The LMS365 Course Catalog enables learners to enrol to the Course Sites and take the training and keep a record of completed training courses. Courses can be also filtered by Recommended & Required Courses.

The LMS365 My Learning Module enables you to create training modules using traditional materials such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Videos etc. It also provides for Compliance Training the 'Read & Understood. confirmation ensuring all learners confirm they have read and understood the materials.

The LMS365 Assignement & Gradebook add-in enables you to develop intructor lead training and assign tasks to the learners to complete and submit to the instructors for assesment.

For more information about the full suite of add-ins visit


LMS365 is a complete SaaS solution.. It does not require you to do anything other than install the SCORM add-in in on your Office 365® SharePoint® Online Site(s). Course Creator and Catalog add-in requires installation in the SharePoint® App Catalog.

Customer Data is stored centrally in a non-shared SQL Server Database and all SCORM Content is stored in Blob Storage.

Trial Restrictions:

  • Expires 30 days after install

Technical Restrictions:

Requires Internet Explorer® 10

* This add-in is not in the Office Store and can be downloaded from: