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Show and manage important messages and news from IT department

ITAlerts allows you to manage messages (alerts) in a simple list. Easy to add. Easy to edit and delete the alerts. Alerts are categorized as important, awareness, working on it, resolved, and news.

Alerts can be displayed with 4 different views: default, animation, metro, and category. "Default" view shows alerts in a simple list. "Animation" view displays one alert at the time and changes to another. "Metro" view shows alerts on red background with white letters, while alert category is shown in bold. "Category" view shows alerts with category icons.

In the latest update, you can set the color, size or change the icons with custom stylesheet (CSS).

Each alert has a start date and end date. Only active alerts in the interval between the start and end date are displayed. You can define how many alerts are displayed, and you can also define what message is shown when there is no active alerts. The "Embed code" functionality allows you to manage the alerts and display these alerts via standard SharePoint Script Editor web part on other site collections.

License: 1 license for all users.

Browser support: ITAlerts is tested in all supported browsers, Edge, IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers.

Hosting: ITAlerts is made with client-side code, JavaScript and HTML5. It runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Updates: All updates are free of charge for customers that purchased ITAlerts.