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TeamWorkPath is a workflow application that automates your organization’s document drafting and appr

TeamWorkPath automates your organization’s document drafting and approval work by easily implementing your existing processes into a paperless workflow. You no longer have to track down your document’s “vitals” such as, status and due date, and no longer are you forced to experience redundancies and confusion about document versioning and location. TeamWorkPath brings all the pertinent people and documents together in a workflow that you define, and where the information about the document moves, not the document.

The TeamWorkPath workflow builder admin console provides better administrative control enabling users the flexibility to meet their business document needs. Whether you are a business process owner or a technical decision maker, TeamWorkPath utilizing the new SharePoint 2013 app model, let’s you field highly adaptable workflows, and at a fraction of the cost of more expensive ERP systems.

Ideal for managing:

• Policy documents

• Bid & proposal development

• New employee onboarding

• Standard Forms

• Communications plans

• Directives

• Official correspondence

• Memorandums

• Agreements

• Contracts

Essentially any document that requires approval and collaboration will benefit from utilizing TeamWorkPath.

Leverage your existing SharePoint investment by using a business process automation app that expands your organization’s collaboration capability.

Key benefits of TeamWorkPath:

1. Establish routine procedures and processes to improve team performance

2. Eliminate duplicative effort realized when relying on email attachments for collaboration

3. Reduce document generation time

4. See detailed reports and evaluate resource productivity

5. Reduce strain on your email and paper files

Don’t change your process! Adapt this application to reflect your current document review processes.

See TeamWorkPath in action! And watch our workflow demo, and/or give us a call/email and we’ll give you a personalized demo.