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Processlynx Team Organization Chart

Create and manage organization charts in a SharePoint site

The Processlynx app allows content managers to create an organization chart to visually display structures of e.g. teams or business units.

The organization chart can include contact details of each member, is exportable to e.g. Microsoft Outlook and phone numbers can be used directly for phone calls with e.g. Lync or Skype.

New Features:

- The app has a new option that integrates User Profile Service in to Organization Chart.

- The app has a Log to better track problems that came from the solution.


- The app uses the look and feel from the theme used on the SharePoint site to have the same visual experience.

- The app solution is deployed based on SharePoint JSOM and scalable vector graphics. There is no server-side code or farm deployment required.


- You only need to license editors, viewers do not require licenses.

Bug fixes:

- Correction of REST calls in SharePoint on-Premises.

- Update versions to JS files.