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Anton Ivchenko
Slider enables to slide pictures from Picture Library

Slider is an AppPart which enables to slide pictures from Picture Library. You may add Slider to SharePoint pages and specify Picture Libraries where you store slides.


Slider may open external links when you click at the slide.

Autoslide enables Slider to change slides automatically. The interval of Autoslide might be changed in Slider AppPart properties. Autoslide will not change slides if the mouse pointer is over the Slider. After the pointer is out, Autoslide will continue sliding.

If you have more slides in your Picture Library than you specified in the Previews property of Slider AppPart, preview navigation buttons will be shown. They enable to move thumbnails back and forward accross previews. Navigation buttons are enabled and disabled automatically depending on whether there are thumbnails out of view.

*The App is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8

**The App will not work for anonimous users. If you need one for the public facing site, please, contact me to receive a sandbox version of Slider