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Clause Library

Microsoft Corporation
Your organization’s clause database in the cloud; create, search and retrieve phrases directly from

The Clause Library app is a cloud based information repository that can be accessed, searched, edited and retrieved directly from Microsoft Word. Whether you're working on legal contracts, RFP/RFQ responses or sales proposal, your organization probably has certain phrases or clauses that are used repeatedly across multiple documents. After painstaking review to get the perfect wording, it is difficult to ensure that information is always up to date and available for others.

Clause Library solves this problem, using the power of Office 365 and SharePoint Online:

• Robust search functionality makes it easy to find the needed clause; with one click it can be added to the Word document you’re currently working in.

• New clauses can be added and existing clauses can be edited in the central cloud-based library – all from within Word.

• The library can easily be shared with approved people internal and external to the organization.

Professional service organizations such as law firms, management consultants, agencies and architects can benefit from Clause Library:

• Attorneys can access the most current version of legal clauses while writing the contracts within Word.

• Salespeople can develop formal proposals and statements of work utilizing corporate approved messaging.

• Businesses can respond to Requests for Information (RFPs) quickly utilizing phrasing that helped win prior projects.