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SharePoint App for Documentum. Connecting Easy Collaboration to Enterprise Control

SPA4D allows you to connect and empower your employees by exposing Enterprise Information stored within Documentum via the familiar SharePoint user interface. Combining the flexible collaboration functionality of Microsoft Office 365 with the enterprise strength of EMC’s Documentum solution, SPA4D balances the free form collaboration needs of the end user with the demands of the enterprise for control and compliance.

Drive Business Value with SPA4D:

• Manage your organizational content from Cradle to Grave. Combine SharePoint’s easy collaboration and Office integration with Documentum’s powerful Document Management, Records Management and advanced Case Management solutions;

• Enhanced Collaboration; give users the ability to view documents, renditions, and their properties stored in Documentum via the familiar Office 365 user interface

• Seamless editing enables real time collaboration via Office Online or Desktop for documents stored in Documentum;

• Put Content in Context; give users the ability to filter and drill down into their enterprise content using the fast SPA4D Client Side Rendering technology;

• Enterprise Search, combining SharePoint with Documentum xPlore, SPA4D offers a flexible and highly configurable search user interface. Offer users the ability to save searches and personalize their search result sets;

• Enforcing policies to ensure compliance; SPA4D follows and enforces the business rules and standardized processes set-up in EMC Documentum;

• Make Documentum beautiful with a Modern User Interface; SPA4D is easy to use, adapts to different screen sizes and looks cool. Its visual style can be customized with multiple out-of-the-box themes, or you can integrate your own corporate branding;

• Cloud Ready; in the cloud with Office 365, on-premise with SharePoint 2013, or somewhere in between. The SharePoint App for Documentum is ready for the 3rd platform;

• Enabling the mobile worker, access and work with your enterprise information anywhere, anytime;

Features include:

• SPA4D is a fully configurable no code solution;

• SPA4D configuration is fully managed in SharePoint-lists, no technical expertise or permissions required;

• Style via an easy to use style selector. Supports different visual themes and can be styled using your own CSS. The App-Parts integrate seamlessly with the rest of your SharePoint site;

• In all App parts the user is able to filter or sort the result sets to their own specific needs;

• Documentum Inbox, let users work on their tasks within the familiar SharePoint interface;

• The Browse App part can be used to browse the Documentum folder tree, or to list documents matching a DQL query;

• Open, Edit, Checkout, Check-in, Cancel checkout, Delete, Versions, Renditions, History, Email Link, Start Workflow, all within the familiar SharePoint interface;

• Documents stored in Documentum can be edited using the MS Office Online applications or full Office clients and can be shared to collaborate with others on the document in real time;

• SPA4D works with Documentum OnDemand, or on-premise Documentum 6.7 or higher.

SPA4D Licensing

SPA4D for Office 365 is available as a free fully featured 30-day trail. Use beyond the trail period, requires a subscription. Subscriptions are available from the Office App Store, or you can contact us directly for more information about the SPA4D license model at:

EMC Documentum licenses are not included with this product. The end user needs to assure that he is properly licensed for the connection to EMC -Documentum the end user is properly licensed.

SPA4D is also available for your On-Premise SharePoint 2013 systems. Please contact Informed Consulting or go to the SPA4D website for more information:

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