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Siller Portal Integrators GmbH
The S-PI Modern Tile Navigation offers a nice way to display a modern navigation with colorful tiles

Features & Benefits

- App Part which displays a modern navigation based on a custom list

- Navigation displays up to 5 elements in a row

- Displays automatic scrollbar if there are more than two rows

- Icons with transparent background could be used to create a modern visual look

- Ability to hide elements / set them to inactive

- Navigation elements with target URLs for which the user has no permission are displayed as inactive (grey) and are not clickable

- Based on custom navigation list with possibilities to add Title, Color, Icon, Target URL, Sort Order, Hide-Option

- App Part uses the navigation list on the same website level or (if there is no list present) on the parent level

- Navigaton list can be created in each website with a simple feature activation / list template



- Is the app license a perpetual license?

Yes. Currently no subscription-based licenses can be offered through the SharePoint App Store.

- Are there any user CALs required?

No, its just a per server license (WebFrontEnd only)

- Can I re-use the app part multiple times?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of instances of the app part within the scope of this app with different settings.

- I don’t want to use the app store for licensing. Are there other options?