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KWizCom Countdown

Add countdowns to your lists and pages!

This cool add-in that allows you to add a countdown to your pages or your list items.

This is useful in many cases, such as:

  • In an event site, show the countdown until the event starts.
  • In an announcements list, add a countdown to the offer expiration date.
  • In a tasks list, add a countdown to the task due date.

Countdown is a clear visual representation of time, helping your users be there on time, keep track of their deadlines and making sure projects are on the right track by clearly visualizing the time left for the current milestone to pass.

Add countdown to your public facing internet sites when you have a limited time offer, or when you have an event you are showing. Also great to show time left to register for an early bird pricing to an event.

v1.0.0.8 - Performance enhancements, fix license check for IE8

v1.0.0.10 - License check fix after recent O365 updates

v1.0.0.11 - Faster and more reliable license check, show version and license status in add-in pages

THIS FREE VERSION WILL SHOW A MESSAGE. to buy a license please contact