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D&B Business Solutions

Dun & Bradstreet
Get a complete view of your customers, prospects and suppliers to make the right business decisions.

Today’s key technology trends provide tremendous market opportunities, but to succeed in this fast paced environment you need to anticipate these opportunities and act quickly. You need access to a complete, informed view of your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners, available to users across your enterprise to improve collaboration and decision making. You can get this enterprise-wide informed view with the D&B Business Solutions Application which allows seamless integration of your data with Dun & Bradstreet's 270+ million worldwide businesses. It solves information management challenges by connecting and relating data and analytics from different sources then streaming in real-time into your Excel to dramatically enhance accessibility to business intelligence.

D&B Business Solutions is a pre-packaged offering for Sales, Marketing and Supply functions which provides:

  • Effective lead generation-Marketers can spot key prospects and decision-makers with their contact details (e.g. title, phone and email).
  • Improved selling effectiveness-Sales can identify customer growth, opportunities, untapped market segments and market trends.
  • Reduced Supply cost and risk-Supply professionals can decrease costs by finding new suppliers, streamlining operational processes and reducing risk in their supply chain.

Application features:

  • Free trials to understand the solutions.
  • Simple, cost per solution pricing and yearly subscription model.
  • Contextual help guides, how-to-videos and support forum.

D&B Business Solutions helps transform the way you do business, making it easier than ever for you to provide your organization with instant insight to drive better business results. See how you can use an informed perspective to know your best move and drive growth with D&B Business Solutions.

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