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Point2Share Meetings

VX Company IT Services B.V.
The best meetings app for SharePoint.


Always searching for that document with the most up to date meeting information? Spend a lot of time in meetings getting unprepared colleagues up to speed? Your meetings could be more efficient! With Point2Share Meetings we offer you the solution for having efficient meetings, directly integrated in your SharePoint collaborative environment.

What does Point2Share Meetings offer you?

Office Manager, Saves a substantial amount of preparation time!

  • No more tasks distributing documents
  • All documents in one place, in SharePoint
  • Make use of all the advantages of SharePoint for meetings
  • User-friendly application in own intranet
  • Calendar template per meeting group
  • Option to link documents to an agenda item
  • Leaves you with time for other activities

As a meeting participant, Uncomplicated, easy and fast!

  • No need to search for meeting information
  • Documents arranged clearly per agenda item
  • User-friendly app
  • Confidential items no longer attached to emails
  • Easily view items from previous meetings
  • Use tasks in your meetings

As IT Manager, Better utilisation of SharePoint!

  • Complete integration on own SharePoint platform
  • All information remains in SharePoint
  • Use of SharePoint authentication and authorisation
  • Support based on SLA is an option (see Point2Share website)

To make best use of this App, we recommend using Internet Explorer 10, Explorer 11, the latest version of Chrome or the latest version of Firefox.

For questions please contact us via or at