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IPMO inSite

Sensei Productivity
Use IPMO inSite for portfolio reporting in Project Online.

IPMO inSite helps you assemble information from Project Online to assist in producing portfolio reports.

- Create an aggregated view of your Project Workspace lists for real-time reporting of Project information.

- Take Snapshots of Project custom fields for trend analysis.

With Project Online, Issues and Risks data is easily available via the standard reporting feed, but when custom columns are added, or completely new lists are introduced, reporting becomes difficult.

IPMO inSIte solves this problem by presenting all the list data together at the PWA level. This data feed can then be used to provide portfolio dashboards and reports without the need for complicated queries.

Use the Snapshot button in Project Center to snapshot a customisable set of project custom fields for later trend analysis.


  • Snapshot Project-level fields.
  • Aggregates multiple lists in sub-sites into one.
  • Captures edits in real-time.
  • Configurable transforms. e.g. Strip rich text, turn SharePoint user fields into email addresses and more.
  • Adds the ProjectUID for easy joining to other Project data items.
  • Tolerant of lists having different schemas.
  • Automatically adds data from newly created Project Workspace sites.
  • Validates the data is correct whenever a project is published.

IPMO inSite is the Cloud strategy for existing IPMO DataMiner on-premise customers.


  • Requires Project Online
  • Only 1 user license is required for all PWA instances in a tenant.
  • Requires IE 10 or above.