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Panopto Video Management

Panopto, Inc.
Enterprise-grade video management: Record, broadcast, upload, manage and search all of your videos.

The Panopto Video Management add-in makes it easy to centralize, search, and watch all of your organization’s video content from within SharePoint. The add-in is free for Panopto customers and is compatible with both Microsoft SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server (on-premises).

With the Panopto add-in, you can:

1. Log in to Panopto with your SharePoint user name and password using single sign-on (SSO) with rolling permissions sync

2. Search across your SharePoint site and all of your Panopto videos at the same time using search federation

3. Search inside the content of your Panopto videos to find and fast-forward to any word spoken, shown on-screen, or included in PowerPoint slides

4. Embed an existing Panopto video, or any video from your hard drive, in SharePoint pages

5. Embed Panopto video playlists in any SharePoint page

6. Deliver live and on-demand video to internal and external audiences with support for adaptive bitrate streaming

7. Watch videos and online presentations using Panopto’s interactive video player, with the ability to rate and comment on videos, take time-stamped notes, see closed captions, and navigate videos using a table of contents and slide thumbnails

8. Search and watch Panopto videos from your tablet or smartphone

9. Batch upload video and audio files of any size to Panopto, where they’re converted for playback on any device, indexed for search, and made accessible from within SharePoint

10. Launch the Panopto recording and broadcasting software in order to capture and live stream new videos, automatically upload them to Panopto, and access them from within SharePoint

With one click from within SharePoint, you can also access:

  • Analytics and reporting for all of your Panopto videos
  • Panopto’s video editor
  • Admin tools for managing your Panopto video platform

The Panopto video management add-in is the perfect complement to SharePoint and Office 365 Video, providing enterprise-grade video content management in the cloud or on-premises.

To use the add-in, you must have a Panopto account. To start a free Panopto trial, go to

For more information on Panopto’s video platform, go to