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Happy Team

Happy Solutions AB
Makes it EASY to find your team members, to find your sites and indicate absence.

This App creates a standard for how you define team members consistently in all your team sites. This also enables you to find your team sites without having to follow them. All data is contained within your sites, the app helps you create the information structure and uses the power of SharePoint to process this data and present it in a nice way.

The primary goals of the app are to

  • provide a nice looking and easy to use overview of all team members.
  • disconnect permissions and organizational structure from the definition of team membership. You don't have to be in a SharePoint permission group to be a member of a team and your employee title can differ from your role in the team.
  • provide one single standard regarding team member information and presentation across all team/project sites.
  • provide a way to manage information about both internal (with user accounts) and external (without user accounts) members.
  • help users find "their" team sites. With standard SharePoint functionality it's a "pull" mentality (follow sites), with this app you get "push" mentality (if somebody adds you as a team member in the site - it will show up in your list of sites).
  • allow easy management of unexpected team member absence and and provide give a quick overview over current team membership.

Business case for using this app:

  • Save time - Instant information about team members on demand. Don't reinvent the wheel in each project.
  • Avoid frustration - Where are my team sites??!!
  • Easy on-boarding - Who is "that guy" that everybody is talking about, what does he look like and what's his role in the project?
  • Enable aggregation of team related information - Provide a platform for aggregating team related information (e.g. give me all documents changed by anybody in this team).

Watch the demo video for more information, if you have any questions you are welcome to send them!

Note: You need Internet Explorer 9 or above, or any other modern browser.