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Colored Mini Calendar

Artezio LLC.
Provides event tracking with coloring on multiple OOB Calendars within a site collection.

Colored Mini Calendar is a SharePoint app which provides events tracking on multiple OOB Calendars within a site collection with an option to define the coloring of events.

It shows up as a month calendar with a number of events per day highlighted with the defined colors. Event details can be reviewed from the calendar.

It provides the following features:

• Placement of the App Part on any page of the current site

• Aggregation of events from Calendar lists within the current site collection

• Support of SharePoint themes

• A day events details view in a modal popup once a user clicks on a day cell

• A full event details view on a calendar display form

• Navigation to the next and previous month

• Support of CSS customization for branding purposes

• Support of recurrent events

• The App Part taking 100% width of a zone it's placed in

• An ability to display Title, Description or both in details of each event

• An easy settings configuration including a selection of calendars using a tree view approach

• An ability to define the coloring of events using several approaches - by calendar and by field value

• An option to color a day with 1, 2 or 4 colors depending on rules

• To install the app, the user is required to have site collection administrator privileges

• The app doesn't work on a SharePoint public site due to JS limitations for anonymous users


• Total app cost is 199$. It provides unlimited usage within your on premise farm/online tenant