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Snake Reborn

Buhari Dev
SNAKE! game is back on your own SharePoint environment.

The beloved cell phone game: SNAKE! Is back on your own SharePoint environment.

"To use this app, you’ll need Internet Explorer 9 with the latest security updates or later, Physical keyboard is must."

The basic rules of the Snake Reborn:

• The game is played by one player, who has the objective of obtaining the highest score possible.

• Select your speed to control your snake, your snake speed is directly proportional to your score.

• Player must guide the snake to the morsels of food that appear in different places on the screen. With each morsel that the snake eats, the snake grows in size.

• The snake is controlled using the 4 arrow keys (UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT).

• The game ends when the snake bumps into wall or its own body.

Snake reborn helps develop concentration and quick thinking. Players also learn to be very precise in their hand movements, and develop good hand-eye coordination. This old-time favorite is a great game for people of all ages.

This app does not support touch-only device