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Flipping Property Lite

IKA Wholesale
Property flipping and wholesaling app

This app may be installed on an Office 365 “For Business” site or any SharePoint installation that is running SharePoint 2013 with Access Services turned on.

Flipping Property Lite will calculate the After Repair Value (ARV) and Offer Price (OP) of interested distressed property. Easy entering of property information in its simple to use forms results in fast and reliable purchasing offer pricing, your profit included (based on 20% of ARV). It logs and keeps track of all properties entered for later referencing. Stores contractor, realtor, investor and potential buyer information for immediate use. Use your notebook or iPad to pull up forms when at the property inspection to immediately enter and log property condition, take and store pictures, log repairs required and enter estimated repair costs. Data entry will result in computed ARV and offer pricing.