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Point2Share Meetings Services app

VX Company IT Services B.V.
Broadcast your Point2Share Meetings information for use on tablets.


The Point2Share Meetings Service app allows you to publish Point2Share Meetings app information (available for free in the SharePoint Store) to your users tablets. Users can download the necessary Point2Share Meetings tablet app from the Apple or Microsoft App Store.

  • Users can connect with their own SharePoint account to synchronise meeting information
  • Only information where users are invited for in SharePoint will be synchronised to the user Point2Share Meetings tablet app
  • Manage Point2Share Meetings tablet app configuration from your SharePoint environment
  • Manage the Point2Share Meetings tablet app look & feel
  • Determine the connection string for tablet users. With this connection string your Point2share Meetings tablet users can connect (with use of their own sharePoint account) to your SharePoint environment
  • For the complete list of configuration options see ;

This app should only be added once to your SharePoint environment. Your users should have (read-only) access rights to the Point2Share Meetings Services app install location.

This app works best with Internet Explorer 10, Explorer 11, the latest version of Chrome and the latest version of Firefox.

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