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Help Desk Full

Artezio LLC.
The Help Desk App will help to improve service request process in your organization.

The Help Desk App will help to improve any service request process (IT support, office supplies, etc.) in your organization using Open->In Progress->Resolved->Closed->Reopen status approach. The App is designed for the following user roles:

• Users – all authenticated users can create new requests and monitor them.

• Manager – a single user who manages the process. He can either perform the request or assign it to a certain performer.

• Performers – users who actually perform the request.

The App allows only actions available to a user depending on the user’s role and the current status of the request. The Admin user can specify the Manager and Performers group and modify email notification templates.


  • Total app cost is 999$. It provides unlimited usage within your on premise farm/online tenant.
  • The app works in both online/on premise environments
  • App supports only English based host sites
  • Possible to change logo
  • ! (ON PREMISE) Please make sure you have Workflow Manager installed in the farm. App prerequisites are described here -