Stock Quote Data

5th Method

Stock Quotes Data provides current and historical data for stocks

Stock Quotes Data allows a user to enter a comma-delimited list of stock symbols to display both current information and historical data regarding the stocks.


  • Provides today's current stock data, 1 year, 6 month, and 5 day graphical data[#/LI] [#LI]Office 365 and on-premise compatible
  • 100% client-side SharePoint app[#/LI] [#LI]A cookie is used to store your stock symbols for easy reloading on the next visit to the app[#/LI] [/#UL] Internet Explorer 10 and up and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are supported. Internet Explorer 9 and below are not currently supported due to incompatibilities between it and jqGrid, which is a JavaScript plugin that is used in the app.
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