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Envision IT Video Player

Envision IT Inc.
The Envision IT Video Player provides an ability for content authors to create video libraries.

The Envision IT Video Player provides an ability for content authors to create video libraries based on YouTube content.

The video player is a SharePoint Hosted App that exposes a video grid type functionality via an App Part. The App Part can be added to any of your SharePoint pages.

All the videos are configured in a list hosted on the video player App and require an author to upload video thumbnail image, a link to YouTube video, video title, as well as aspect ratio of the video.

Please use the following instructions to configure the Video Player:

1. After the App instance is created on your site, navigate to the app.

2. Click “Manage Videos” to access “Video Player Items” list

3. On the “Video Player Items” list interface select to “Upload Document” from “Files” tool pan of the list.

4. Browse to an image file (.jpeg or .png) and click “Ok” to upload the image to the “Video Player Items” list.

5. At this point you’ll be prompted to provide video details.

a. Provide “Preview Image Alt Text” i.e. Title of the Video

b. Provide Video YouTube Url

c. Provide video Aspect Ration by selecting it from the “Aspect Ratio” dropdown

d. Provide “Order” of the video. This number represents in what order the videos will be shown on a video grid.

e. You can also specify if the video should be shown on a video grid or not. For video to display this checkbox must be checked.

6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for all videos you’d like to display in the video player grid

7. Now that the videos are configured you can add the Envision IT Video Player App Part to a page on your App host site (not on the app site).

a. On the page that you’d like to host the Video Player; switch the page into Edit mode

b. By selecting “Edit” from the “Page” tool pan.

c. Select “Insert” tab and click on “App Part” icon

d. Select “Envision IT Video Player” and click “Add”

e. Now the Video Player should be added to the page, and you should see all videos that were configured previously.

f. You might also want to adjust the height and/or width of the video player. You can do that via standard web part properties.

After the video player is configured end users are able to watch any of the videos displayed in the video player grid by clicking on the thumbnail of a video they would like to see.