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DeskAlerts is a corporate communication tool enabling you to send notifications to employees

The DeskAlerts App for SharePoint is a brand new web app that makes corporate communications, easier and quicker.

With the DeskAlerts App for SharePoint, you can enjoy the flexibility and responsiveness of DeskAlerts notification solution from within your existing SharePoint corporate portal.

DeskAlerts can be used to deliver a wide range of content types to colleagues and co-workers, whether they are working at the next desk, in a different office or around the world.

Send text, images and surveys as targeted notifications directly into the SharePoint portal.

Before, DeskAlerts users were able to send notifications to desktops and mobiles, as popups, screen savers and messages. Now, the same messages can be sent to SharePoint portal pages, making it possible to communicate with any team more easily and in a choice of formats.

Simply download the DeskAlerts App for SharePoint and install on the SharePoint portal. You’ll see a new page be created. Right away, you can begin sending messages from your DeskAlerts control panel to the new SharePoint page.

When you use the SharePoint App, you can get important information to employees in a matter of seconds.

Entirely web-based, the app does not require the user to check their email and can be used even when other communications channels are down.

With DeskAlerts' user-friendly interface, 100% delivery guarantee, and centralized storage for tracking and reporting, it's easy to make sure everyone is informed.