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RiskPoint provides comprehensive program & project outcome risk assessment


RiskPoint is a simple, yet powerful application to assess your Program & Project Portfolios across the entire Enterprise. It was developed in partnership with one of Europe's leading Change & Program Management firms, Bestoutcome. Combining 15 years worth of industry best practice into a single SharePoint App. RiskPoint leverages SharePoint so teams can collaborate and assess all Programs and Projects in one place.

How does it work?

In minutes, RiskPoint can assess and diagnose issues in 4 key areas of the Program or Project and reports on them. Mitigation actions are provided in an auditable / easy to digest report format covering;

1) Right Project

2) Right Planning

3) Right Governance

4) Right Outcomes

5) Overall outcome risk for the project under review


At a glance you can see a dashboard summary for every Project in the Enterprise porfolio. RiskPoint uses RAG dials to highlight top level scores and allows you to drill down to see underlying problem areas and mitigations you can employ to bring the project back on track. One button report generation with PDF export allows all information to captured and shared in various ways. A full set of mitigations is also included in the report to help Project Managers and Program stakeholders steer the project towards achieving a successful outcome.


1) No training - Consumer ease of use solving an Enterprise scale problem

2) Ease of deployment - Installs as a SharePoint App for SP 2013 & O365 SP Online

3) Common place - The Enterprise manages program & project readiness in one location

4) Technology and change agnostic - Can be used for any project in the Enterprise

5) Simple and easy to use - Assessments typically take 15 minutes to complete

6) Easy to read dials and summary reports - Helps end users identify problems quickly

7) Best practice - Aligns with common project & change management methodologies

8) Successful outcomes - Helps steer projects towards achieving desired objectives

Deployment Options & Notes

1) App deploys to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online O365

2) RiskPoint is tested and supported in most popular latest versions of the browsers which include; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 10+ and Mobile Safari.

Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 and below are partially supported and not all features may be available in every environment. Our Apps are built in a progressively enhanced manner, such that browsers which do not support the required JavaScript features will still provide partial functionality to be used in the application.