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Actionspace: Tasks-Projects-Workflows (SharePoint)

Actionspace LLC
Manage tasks, projects and workflows to run your business effectively

'Actionspace: Tasks-Projects-Workflows' is a powerful, fully customizable SharePoint Add-in which helps organizations get instant visibility into projects, automate recurring workflows, effectively manage daily teamwork and ensure timely completion of projects and tasks.

Actionspace follows a unique approach in helping companies better manage their business by combining a full stack of task, project management and workflow automation features with best-of-breed consulting services including custom feature development, enterprise branding and integration with other IT systems. Such approach leads to the exact match of Actionspace solution to Client’s business need.


Actionspace helps organizations and teams around the world to effectively manage their everyday processes and tasks. Find your use-case below:


  • Effectively open new stores

  • Launch new products to the market

Professional Services, Management Consulting, Accounting

  • Onboard new clients

  • Get project requests and run projects for clients

  • Manage regular audit process

Healthcare, Legal, Insurance

  • Claim management

  • Case management

IT, Manufacturing

  • Manage software/hardware upgrades

  • Convey regular product assessment


  • Manage back-office activities

  • Contract management with suppliers

  • Onboard new employees

  • Manage commitees

  • Track executive assignments to the team


Key features:

  • Task management with built-in approval flow

  • Automated workflow templates

  • Email and in-system instant notifications

  • In-task/in-project communication

  • Interactive Gantt chart with dependencies

  • Project portfolio dashboard

  • Tags support

  • Creating tasks from any Outlook email and attaching emails to a certain project or workflow

  • SharePoint content synchronization

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Online reports with multiple selection possible

  • Free external users invited by email (no Office365 ID needed)

  • Time tracking

  • Excel import/export

Outstanding features:

  • Recurring task-lists and projects

  • Document version control

  • Personal productivity support

Great 'Extras' (available under Premium packages):

  • Customizable user interface

  • Enterprise branding

  • Additional fileds (aka 'metadata') and custom web-forms support

  • CRM, ERP, ECM, BI and other integrations

  • Visual reports in SharePoint web-parts

Actionspace provides a full stack of integrations for Office 365:

  • Native SharePoint integration provides seamless access to your enterprise content and keeps it secure and confidential

  • Native Azure AD integration guarantees Single Sign-on secure access

  • Outlook integration helps keep all emails attached to the right project or workflow

How to start:

Click Add, then click on the Actionspace icon in your Site Contents. This will create a new Actionspace subscription associated with your Office 365 user ID and the Site. You can have multiple subscriptions for multiple Sites within one Office 365 business account.

Supported versions of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint Online

  • SharePoint 2013 (available under Premium packages only)

  • SharePoint 2016 (available under Premium packages only)


Actionspace offers three types of packages:

  • Self-service package - 5 users max, self-service, free of charge

  • Basic package - unlimited users, 5 service hours per month, $250/month

  • Premium package - customized implementation, project-dependent price

(More info on Actionspace packages at