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MaturityPoint is a configurable capability maturity assessment solution


MaturityPoint is the world's first truly configurable Maturity Planning & Assessment tool for the modern Enterprise. It was developed to make it easier for organisations to begin their journey towards sustainable and continuous business improvement with minimal investment and maximum ease of use. Unlike expensive & protected paper based assessments or complex spreadsheet analysis, MaturityPoint allows you to easily create your own frameworks for assessing the maturity of your Enterprise processes, products, services and functional departments. All the basic elements of best practice from various maturity models have been combined into a single SharePoint App. MaturityPoint leverages SharePoint so teams can collaborate and perform maturity assessments in one place over time. In minutes, you can configure MaturityPoint using standard or bespoke competency assessments coupled to the production of an auditable / easy to digest report, with dashboards that allow you to track progress over time

How does it work?

MaturityPoint can be used for 4 kinds of maturity assessment;

1) Enterprise department maturity

2) Enterprise process maturity

3) Enterprise product maturity

4) Enterprise service maturity

An aggregated average of the overall Enterprise maturity is automatically calculated from these assessments.


At a glance you can see a home page dashboard summarising maturity scores across the whole Enterprise. MaturityPoint uses RAG dials to highlight scores and allows you to drill down to see underlying problem areas. One button report generation with PDF export allows all information to captured and shared across the business using the collaborative power of SharePoint.


1) Kick starts your maturity journey and enables easier & wider engagement with staff across the enterprise

2) Reduces costs of maturity assessments and empowers users to develop, understand and foster in-house learning.

3) Minimal training with a consumer ease of use App solving an Enterprise scale problem

4) Easy deployment as it installs as a SharePoint App for SP 2013 & O365 SP Online

5) Configurable for any kind of assessment, you choose your own scoring and competency frameworks for every project or use standard 5 step framework already provided

6) Easy to read RAG dials and summary reports make it easy to see areas to focus on for future improvement

7) Best practice aligns with common maturity methodologies

8) Helps the Enterprise track and improvements in processes, products, services and functional departments over time and improvement productivity and project outcomes.

Deployment Options & Notes

1) App deploys to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online O365

2) MaturityPoint is tested and supported in most popular latest versions of the browsers which include; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 10+ and Mobile Safari.

Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 and below are partially supported and not all features may be available in every environment. Our Apps are built in a progressively enhanced manner, such that browsers which do not support the required JavaScript features will still provide partial functionality to be used in the application.