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FlowForma BPM: No Code Business Process Management

FlowForma Ltd
A 3-in-1 no code BPM tool designed for business power users to deploy online processes with speed.

''A process that you would imagine could take weeks to create, literally took a few days from start to finish. FlowForma BPM simply gave us the power to become self-sufficient.''

- Tony O'Halloran, Group ICT Director, Total Produce

An award-winning Microsoft Office 365 Add-in, FlowForma BPM enables business users to quickly and seamlessly build out online processes. FlowForma BPM provides an end-to-end solution that incorporates data capture, business logic and document generation as an output for business processes, while allowing process owners to take control of the configuration of all aspects of the process by using the Flow Designer to define process steps, questions and business rules. FlowForma BPM uses its own engine for workflows and forms, while presenting and storing data inside of SharePoint. This enables features, such as hybrid workflows, collaborative decision making, enhanced reporting, all with no code.

The flexibility of FlowForma BPM allows both simple and complex processes to be implemented, involving sequential or parallel steps. Connected processes can run in multiple sites, serving multiple resource pools. FlowForma BPM can also interact with data stored in SharePoint and external systems, reducing the effort of completion as information can be automatically populated as the workflow progresses.

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• Questions engine

• Business rules engine

• Forms engine

• Document generation engine

• Visual Flow Designer

• Parent and child containers

• Process analytics

• Secure eVoting

• Mobile App

• 3rd party system connectors

• Collaborative Decision Making

• Public accessible forms

• InfoPath Migration Tool

• eSignatures


• FlowForma is a ’no code, logic only’ solution

• It enables power users to build and manage their own processes

• Only tool on the market to combine workflow and decision making (with features such as voting, eSignatures, tracking, public or private comments, weighting)

• Perfect for prototyping, with an intuitive user interface to encourage adoption

• It provides clear visibility and business process activity monitoring

• It supports real-time business process change

• A more cost effective solution and at least ten times faster than software development services

• Directly integrates with 3rd party systems and SQL Server

• Supports ATOM feeds, enabling Power BI to leverage the process data

• Ideal InfoPath replacement (with easy migration using the FlowForma InfoPath Migration Tool)

• Operates seamlessly between on-premise and online

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