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UMT360 Workflow Visualization

UMT 360, LLC
Workflow visualization for Project Online

UMT360 Workflow Visualization is a dynamic and engaging visual representation for Project Online workflows, with a user configurable layout and the ability to leverage multiple graphical themes or custom images. This application is part of the UMT360 product suite.

The application requires a configured Project Online (PWA) tenant, with at least one workflow defined using SharePoint Designer. Once the application is added to the Project Online tenant, you'll need to open its settings and configure the visual representation for each relevant workflow. Then you'll need to add the application web part to one of the Project Detail Pages (PDPs) used by projects defined under your PWA site. Once that's done, a dynamic visual representation of the workflow will be available for all projects using the configured Project Detail Page.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is not supported.