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Important Updates

The Habanero Consulting Group.
Display notifications, alerts, and other important messages, news, and content on your portal

Important Updates displays your critical notifications, alerts, and any other important messages, news, and content you wish to display on your portal.

Content authors can easily add updates, define start and end dates (to determine when the message should appear and expire), and customize the message background and font colors.


-- Specify start and end dates

-- Customize the background and font color

-- Specify the message categories

-- Use the included category icons or supply your own

-- Display multiple messages simultaneously

The app also supports automatic content refresh. Each app instance on a page can have a number of seconds defined for automatic refresh intervals (by default it is zero, which means no auto refresh). Once turned on the message content will automatically update itself on that defined interval for close to real time messaging.

Want to be informed when this app is updated or we create a new app? Visit the support page and send us a message that you would like to be added to Habanero's app email list!

Important note: unfortunately the app does not work on public sites at this time as anonymous access to SharePoint resources (like the lists that are storing the message information) is not supported.