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Take a picture of your receipts, save and print your expenses.

ExpenseCam is a free to test for a month.

Paying cash or with credit card, paper based receipts are so easy to lose.

Track your expenses, take a picture of your receipts and save them to SharePoint.

ExpenseCam allows you to:

- add an expense

- take a picture and save it to SharePoint

- choose a camera to take a picture

- view and print the expense with pictures

- view all your expenses

- view all your pictures of receipts

- find the expense by picture, click on the picture and see the expense

- select which pictures you want to print

- multiple users: only current user's expenses and pictures are shown

In the latest update, you can choose which pictures you want to print.

License: 1 license for all users.

Browser support: ExpenseCam is tested in all supported browsers, Edge, IE11, IE10, IE9, latest version of Chrome and Firefox.