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Easy Workflow

Exceedone Co. Ltd.
"Easy Workflow" is an easy to use lightweight workflow add-in on Office365 SharePoint.

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- Simple and easy to understand user interface.

- Specialized in commonly used approval workflow.

- Approval request mail is sent, approver does not need to go and check approval reuqest on screen.

- Supports 3 levels of approver. Supports setting up acting alternative approver.

- Supports attachments. Can set up attachment template for standardization.

- Attachiment files can be Office365 Excel, Word or PowerPoint. Can view/edit online without the need of downloadng.

Perfect for:

- Require simple workflow feature only.

- Need workflow, but not expensive and not excessive.

- Want to start to use now without complex configuration.

- Need security, do not want to reveal data to outside including system integrator.

( Data are on Office365, you can manage by yourself )

- Need high availability for business continuity even in the case of disaster.

( Data are on Office365 )


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