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Selected Item Print add-in allows user to print selected items from a list or library.


1. Allows users to print selected items from list or library with all metadata fields.

2. Allows printing of 100 items in one go.

3. Easily accessible from the list/library ribbon.

4. Displays the number of items selected before printing.

5. Works with IE10, IE11,Firefox and Chrome.


We are continuously adding features to the add-in and enhancing its utility. Below are features that we are working on for the print selected items Add in

1. Support for managed metadata columns (Single Taxonomy).

2. Support for External data columns.


1. A pop-up block will appear when this add-in used for the first time, in all browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox). When prompted, the user should enable this pop-up.

2. Works only with lists of type Custom list, Announcement, Tasks and libraries of type Document library, Picture library, Asset library, Wiki Page library and Form library.

3. Printing of Version history details and Related Items of Task list is not supported.

4. Name alone will be exported in People Picker for all properties of Mobile Number, ID, etc.,

5. Link for attachment will be available if we save the document in “.pdf” format.

6. On printing items in libraries (Picture library, Asset library, Document library, Wiki Page library and Form library), the content (Ex. Picture, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Forms) of the document will not be printed.

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