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GoodPoint Company Jobs Pro

GoodPoint Software
Display Company Job Listing on a SharePoint page

This Add-In displays Company Jobs as SharePoint AppPart.

Based on a job list with fields:


-Category (Department)

-Short Description

-Long Description (visible after clicking button "Read More")




-Trial period 15 days with no limitations and with a message about trial status. You are welcome to try and provide a feedback.


One Office Store user license covers unlimited users for one SharePoint deployment. Domain-based License is also available from GoodPoint Store (see Add-In main page after installation for details).


-Configurable jobs with Rich Text support for description fields.

-No Ads

-Can display each Category in a separate tab

-Can Display or Hide the Tab "All Company Jobs"

-Can Display only specific Category

-Perfect comprehensive resizing system, auto-adjusting height and width up to zone width and content height, controlling scrollbars, position and optional setting minimum/maximum size limits.

-Adaptive to any background color (transparent background), optionally possible to use main site styles)

-Extra fast performance, especially when used with other GoodPoint Add-Ins on the same page (CDN-hosted files with caching)


-SharePoint On Premises 2013/2016 and Office 365 supported

-No extra feature requirements.

-Supports IE 9+, Firefox (latest), Chrome(latest)