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Layer2 Cloud Connector App Free Edition

Layer 2 GmbH
Connects SharePoint lists and libraries to 100+ external data sources codelessly.

The Layer2 Cloud Connector App for SharePoint Free Edition enables you to integrate your external data and documents with native Microsoft SharePoint lists or libraries - easy to connect, secure, always up-to-date, and bi-directional, if required. Please note that the Free Edition is limited to 25 items per list. For more please license the Personal, Professional or Enterprise Edition. With the help of Layer2 Cloud Connector App for SharePoint you can license an unlimited number of connections within the scope of the app and create appropriate connection strings to use with the apps local component, the Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint ( This local component acts as a gateway between your external (local or cloud-based) data sources and the SharePoint app.

It can be downloaded for free after registration here:

It must be installed on a Windows server or client within your local network.

The combination of the Layer2 Cloud Connector App for SharePoint and the Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint (local components) offers the following features and benefits:

  • Local external data source to SharePoint list or library connections: ODBC (32/64-bit), OLEDB, OData, .NET-based providers, file content (Excel, XML, CSV) , SQL databases like MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, AS/400, Informix, applications like Exchange, Active Directory, ERP/CRM like Navision, Dynamics, SharePoint
  • Cloud to SharePoint list connections: MS SQL Azure, Google, Twitter, Facebook or Salesforce, RSS, XML, web requests etc.
  • File system to SharePoint library connections: Connect your local file shares to SharePoint libraries for replication.
  • SharePoint to SharePoint replication: Connect different SharePoint lists or libraries for synchronization using views.
  • Uni- and bi-directional connections: If supported by provider and query.
  • No programming or tools required: Simply enter your connection string and data query.
  • Highest security: The connector includes local components to run in your corporate network. No access from outside to your local data required. No data is transferred to any 3rd party site.
  • High performance: Can manage large data sets and SharePoint lists / libraries for synchronization (using licensed editions). Changed data only is modified.
  • Reliable architecture: Users access native SharePoint lists and libraries as some kind of cache without any direct access to the external data sources.
  • All native SharePoint features are available for your external data: Views, search, mobile and offline access, lookups, attachments, enterprise metadata, change notifications, workflows etc.


Is this a free app?

Yes. It is free and limited to 25 items per list. Please also note our licensed offer on product home page.

Do I need other components to connect to external data sources?

Yes. You need the Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint. You can download and install locally multiple times, if required.

How many connections are allowed?

You can create an unlimited number of connections to SharePoint lists and libraries within the scope of this app.

How many items are allowed?

You can manage up to 25 items with this free app. For more you need a licensed app or on-premise edition.

I don’t want to use the app store for licensing. Are there other options?

Yes, you can license the Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint directly via the vendor.

Do I need a driver to connect to my external data source?

Yes, you can use any free or commercially available data provider for ADO.NET. For example to access an Oracle database, the Oracle Data Provider for .NET must be installed locally. Layer2 providers are included and licensed for SharePoint 2010 / 2013 (CSOM), File System, OData, XML/RSS.

How to connect my specific data source?