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Simple Workflow

MoriApps Inc.
Easy Approval Process

MoriApps SimpleWorkflow is addin for Sharepoint Online which enable for users to easily apply approval process on their exisiting or newly create list. SimpleWorkflow is available in Sharepoint App Store for Sharepoint Online.

This add-in only work on Office 365 Sharepoint Online. This does not work internal installation of Sharepoint.

MoriApps SimpleWorkflow will provide additional workflow setting menu to Document Library, where site owner set approval Step with specifying approvers.

MoriApps SimpleWorkflow has intelligent people picker where site owner can set the approver for each workflows which include direct people picker, people on the current list field, or people in the related field. For example, if your list has "Department" field which is lookup to another list named "Department" where has department name as title field and department head as people field, Simple Workflow will give you to choose this field as Approver ( as well as Email To or Email Cc), on simple select, and workflow will automatically pickup the Department Head from this related list. You do not need to work on Sharepoint Designer to configure the lookup or people with complicated interface and operation.

Only site administrators can configure workflow and non-admin member can submit or approve the document request.

==Advanced function available by editing configuration file ==

Simple workflow also has function to add custom email body, email subject, email To and Cc, and also add custom Task outcome such as Reject, forward to Director, etc...

Multiple Approvals can be used as example, to request Manager's approval and then Director's approval. Then you can also set condition like only when price is more than 5000 then request Director's approval.

We are providing technical document for how to configure those advanced function by editing configuration file.