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Sensei Schedule Analyzer™

Sensei Project Solutions
Checks your entire Project schedule to ensure compliance to industry standards and best practices.

Use the Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ to check the quality of your projects in Microsoft Project 2016 (Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ does not support Microsoft Project 2013).

The Sensei Schedule Analyzer™ performs a series of quality checks on your entire Microsoft Project schedule to ensure compliance to industry standards and best practices. A high quality project schedule can greatly improve timely delivery, reduce cost overruns, improve scope management and resource capacity/demand management.

The ‘Checks’ are based on industry standards and best practices, including Sensei’s Proactive Scheduling™ and the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standards for WBS and Scheduling.

There are 4 categories of checks: WBS, Resources, Schedule and Links and each has a default severity set as one of the following:

  • ‘Issue’ – has a high impact to the project and likely is producing an inaccurate forecast or affecting the ability to easily maintain the schedule and track progress.
  • ‘Warning’ – has a potential for negatively impacting the project and should be reviewed in order to assure the most accurate forecast and proactive model of the schedule.
  • ‘Message’ – should not negatively impact scheduling, but could improve the quality of the schedule to fully align with industry standards.

A check can be ignored entirely if it is not relevant to your organization’s standards or it can be bypassed on individual tasks where they don’t apply.

The ‘Compliance score’ measures the quality of the project schedule. It can be calculated from the count of Issues, Warnings and Messages. By default, only Issues count towards the compliance score, but Warnings and Messages can be included by selecting them on the Options > Score page.

On the Checks tabs, you can review and see a detailed description of each check as well as set the severity level for each or choose to ignore certain checks.

The Dashboard page shows the overall compliance score for your schedule with supporting charts and tables for 'Top Issues' and 'Top Non-Compliant Tasks'. Click anywhere on the charts or tables to drill through to more detailed information.

The Summary page shows all 'Issues', 'Warnings' and 'Messages' by Severity, Check Type and Task ID. From here you can Bypass those that should be ignored or have the app Fix certain items.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
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