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Indigo Corporation
DocuNavigator is a conversion tool and a seamless viewer in a single screen with useful TreeView.

DocuNavigator is a conversion tool and a seamless viewer in a single screen that can publish Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files stored in SharePoint with a click of a button.

It will analyze an Office file and provide a combined treeview of chapters in Word/PDF, sheet names in Excel, and slide titles in PowerPoint. Multiple documents can be seamlessly viewed.

The troublesome conventional processes of publishing a document can be simplified using Office365; document assets within the company can be utilized effectively.

- Document Authors & Publilsh Managers

Create manuals, company rules, and notifications that you want to share within your company using familiar methods such as Word and Excel. Press a button on the converter tool and publish the files on SharePoint.

  • Automatic conversion of Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).
  • (TBA) Publish history function (select which version to save).
  • (TBA) Comparison function that identifies any changes made from previous versions in published Word documents.

- Viewers

Access the publish screen on SharePoint. From there, search for a document using the search function or click on your desired document to view without navigating through different screens on the web.

  • Seamless view in a single screen.
  • Treeview that displays the document headings (i.e. chapters, sheet names, and slide titles) in the style of a table of contents.
  • Search from multiple documents.
  • Donload PDF file.
  • Highlighted display of search results.

DocuNavigator is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9.0.