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KanBo - Highly Visual Digital Workplace

ObjectConnect e.K.
KanBo is an easy to use platform for team to get work done and stay organized.

KanBo is a web application (SharePoint App) integrated into the Office 365 platform or SharePoint on your premises (2010/2013/2016) that offers organizations a contextual and highly visual way to organize teamwork. It makes it easy for the teams to create new digital Kanban Boards, organize and assign tasks or work items, share and collaborate around documents and receive updates in real time and per email.

KanBo achieves this using Boards (like Team Sites or Office 365 Groups), Lists (vertical lanes) and Cards (micro containers for information).

A Board can be a project, department, process or anything that groups information in a semantic/logical way. Imagine a whiteboard or corkboard that keeps information about a certain context, always accessible and has all of the project/process/assignment’s details attached to it. The Board is divided into Lists that provide an incredible boost to human eye to process information visually (the power of Kanban). Within every board, each work item or task is delineated by a Card that is placed in some List.

A Card again can hold all sorts of dynamic information, including documents, due dates, categories (labels or tags), yammer-like-conversations (with mentioning other members), notes and checklists. Board members (from your Office 365 tenant or your Active Directory) can be assigned to various cards. A Card has a responsible member and coworkers so everyone with access to a Board can easily see who is involved and who is responsible for a certain work item. Once a member gets assigned, they start to follow the cards and receive all updates about the changing circumstances of that card in the form of notifications (in browser, push on mobile and optionally via email). KanBo lets you decide how much information you can process so its concept of following (subscribing) goes even beyond a card, so you can follow a List (i.e. called Approval) resulting in receiving updates from all cards that are currently in that List. If a Board is really important to you and you must know about any detail you can follow a complete Board and receive real time updates throughout all your devices.

KanBo is strongly integrated into the Office 365 system or your on prem Microsoft infrastructure it makes use of all available services like Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint and many more to make the user experience as smooth as possible. KanBo is highly versatile and can be used for all sorts of projects to varying degrees of precision. It can be used to tightly manage a marketing event, depict an ad hoc process for example. It can be used for something much looser, like gathering a team from different departments together to brainstorm and collaborate about new product ideas.

KanBo comes with beautify designed Charts that provide a high level view on what is going inside of Boards. Here you can build your own dashboards with highly customizable SharePoint App Parts that refresh automatically to support using them on big info screens.

KanBo also covers the need of managing the personal work load that often comes from different Boards. KanBo “MyBoard” is a virtual board that pulls all cards the team member is involved in and lets her/him organize them in a personal board with Lists of his/her preference like “Someday”, “This week”, “Tomorrow”, “Today”, “Blocked” for example. Moving cards between these Lists within MyBoard does not have any effect in the Boards the “original” cards reside in since the MyBoard is a virtual Board created for the individual to manage his workload the way he/she wants.

Naturally, there are dedicated mobile apps for KanBo for iOS and Android.

As the name indicates (Light) this free version of KanBo is limited. You can only add up to 5 users and they have all full access – no security management. You cannot remove users from Boards and you cannot delete Boards. In order to obtain the full version of KanBo please visit our Website.