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QuickPoll Lite

Create quick polls and gather feedback from users

QuickPoll Lite is a free trial version of QuickPoll. It has a nice colorful pie chart with statistics over responses.

It is a simple and easy business tool to create quick polls and gather customer feedback. All authenticated users can vote.

You can allow users to vote just once or unlimited number of items. You can change the text of the "OK" button as well.

Latest updates:

- Analytics

- The right answer

- Round up decimals

- Donut and column chart

- Permissions: Members of all SharePoint groups can contribute and vote on quick polls.

- Design: Set URL to custom CSS to design the Quick Poll app part.

- Sort and filter the results, or export it to Excel: Administrators can access the list with answers for each quick poll.

- Multiple quick polls: Quick Poll shows the latest question. You can also set the app part to show another question.

- Design: Change the size of the pie chart

- Design: Change the pie chart colors

QuickPoll full version is available at