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Three responsive ready to use page layouts

ResponsivePagesLite is a free edition of ResponsivePages. On mobile devices, page layouts with three columns are shown as

one-column layout pages. Content is centered on the screen with maximum width of 1280px for large screens.

Page layouts are ready to use with web part zones, title, description and content fields. Layouts work with standard

SharePoint oslo.master. Each page layout has meta tag fields that provide metadata about the page. They are visible only for authors in edit mode. Browser title field is used to define the title shown in browser. Meta tags title, description, and keywords are saved to the page as meta tags.

Each page layout comes with a preview image to make it easier to select the right layout for the page. Page layouts are ready for you to upload them to SharePoint Master Page Library, and start adding pages and content to your site.

You can also copy them to SharePoint Designer, or copy them to Visual Studio and deploy as Sandboxed or Farm Solution.

The top menu is not displayed as mobile "burger" menu on mobile devices.

The full version of the video is available at