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Valo Delve Blogs

Blue Meteorite
Lists the most recent Delve blog entries from across your organization

Delve contains great tools for blogging, but how to keep track of new blog entries by your coworkers? Valo Delve Blogs solves this problem. It displays a (configurable) number of most recent blog entries from across the Office 365 tenant.

Valo Delve Blogs displays for each blog entry the title, the image, the publisher's name and profile image, and publishing date.

ValoDelveBlogs shows Delve blogs from current tenant using uses SharePoint Search.

The App consist of an app part, and an app web default page which shows top 100 blog posts from tenant ordered by published date. For the app part, you can define how many posts are shown. You can also choose whether or not to show SharePoint default styles on the app.

Languages: The UI has been translated to English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.