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Teleios QuikWorx: A Platform to Create Solutions

Teleios Systems Ltd.
Teleios QuikWorx allows Solution Providers to design, develop and deploy solutions to Office 365.

Teleios QuikWorx is a platform for Microsoft Partners and other Solution Providers to build, deploy and manage Solutions-as-a-Service on Microsoft Office 365. The QuikWorx Designer provides a fully visual environment with drag-and-drop functionality for the creation of forms-based solutions, and solutions are deployed with one-click publishing. Included are pre-built templates for some of the most popular requests from customers. QuikWorx enables you to accelerate critical business value to both your customers and your business, leveraging the full power of the Cloud.

The add-in only supports Internet Explorer 11 and above, as well as the latest Chrome version and the latest Firefox version.

The add-in requires a Teleios QuikWorx ID. To obtain your Teleios QuikWorx ID and begin building solutions for Office 365, please register at or contact