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Office 365 SharePoint branding analytics and management

Manage your branding with this easy to use add-in.

The focus is on master pages, .xslt stylesheets and add-ins.

Branding Manager identifies custom master pages and stylesheets on your SharePoint site and analyzes how customizations if any are implemented. It shows possible bottlenecks and barriers for successful implementation of branding on Office 365.

Branding practices are linked to the Office 365 Dev Patterns & Practices (PnP) initiative. Branding Manager uses Microsoft's best practices and delivers information about master pages, stylesheets and web templates.

It raises your awareness of potential errors and performance issues as custom master pages and custom web templates

are not the best practice for implementing branding on Office 365.

It is all done in JavaScript. BrandingManager runs entirely on your SharePoint site.

Key features:

- Identify the current master page

- Set custom master page, set system master page

- Percentage for customizations on the site collection

- Shows custom web template and customized xsl files

- Overview of installed add-ins and errors

- Intro to PnP patterns and practices