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TrustSuite Mobile Digital Signature

TI Trust Technologies S.r.l.
Sign your electronic documents directly from Office365

TrustSuite Firma Sicura Mobile for Sharepoint enables you to sign electronic documents ensuring their legal validity. Digital signature assures integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation, and give full probative value to the signed document. All with a few simple clicks and using your mobile phone or smartphone. Without leaving Office 365 environment.

TrustSuite Firma Sicura Mobile requires a paid Trust Suite subscription package, available on Telecom Italia Nuvola Store. More info:

PDF signed documents can be opened from any pdf reader, while other kind of documents will require PKCS#7 (p7m) specific reader software.

Our service is in compliance with Italian and European law and it is released by TI Trust Technologies Srl, accredited Certifier at Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale.